Extra Spicy and Very Saucy

Quality Control is a modern Jazz/Fusion quartet that draws influence from many genres including Latin, Funk, Rock, and Jazz. The instrumental quartet blends different sounds into a fresh style that attracts an audience from all sides of the musical cosmos, fit for all music lovers alike! As artists, they are continually looking to expand on original music and find new ways to express themselves. Quality Control puts great emphasis on musical interaction, technology, and craftsmanship. They push the envelope of creativity with strong artistic statements. Each member is essential to the band. After meeting and playing together in post secondary studies, the band’s sound continues to evolve. Their goal is to connect with the listener and share new experiences every time they play.  
Currently the group is in the writing process, continuing to make strides toward recording their first album. The album will feature Cam Steele (Guitar), Dale Osbaldeston (Drums), Taylor Nickel (Bass), Zack Lim (Piano, Keyboards). Dana Clementine is the band's guest vocalist who sings on reimagined covers and is featured on some original content. Unique style and personal touch to the music that meshes together to create a unique and colourful sound. The collaborative style of the band has opened many doors musically, allowing them to take the listener on an exciting journey.

After debuting in Bohemia club in September of 2016, Quality Control would continue the Edmonton circuit playing venues regularly. Cam had an aspiration to lead a group by taking initiative to write music and progress with booking/branding. Zack would soon graciously lend some of his brilliant works to the set which gelled with the band's sound. With the ball rolling, the band started to expand with more music, co-writing from everyone, and writing original music with Dana. While this was all occurring, everyone was very busy with studying in MacEwan's music program, gigging with other bands, teaching, and recording projects. This grass roots approach to the working musician is where the craftsmanship of Quality Control fosters.

Comprising diverse, hard working talent, QC is a collected team effort in creativity. The usual location of rehearsal is at Dale's residence in Ardrosson (outside of Edmonton). Out in the countryside, the team retreats into a very characterized log cabin, bringing tunes back out for the rest of the world. The composing and arranging process heavily requires each musician's own intrinsic voice.  Musical haven built on ideals of trust, companionship, honesty, and aspiration.