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The Hardest Part is Always Getting Started

For Christmas when I was ten years old, I got a guitar and a Led Zeppelin CD. Like all children should, I was blessed with many opportunities such as hockey, swimming, karate, science camps, arts, etc. What was special about the guitar and music that I didn't realize until later was that it was something I chose for myself. The most important lesson that can ever be taught is critical thinking and the moment I picked up the instrument and rewound the CD trying to understand Jimmy Page's work, I found something. It wasn't an August Rush story of divine talent, I'm a sweat musician with many books read, records listened to, years jamming away, and attentive seeking of many masterful instructors. All of that was living the dream everyday because I love it. Music saved my soul, it brought conscious focus to my body, mind, and spirit in ways I aspire to bring forward. Quality Control is a project that was brought together by friends who I found share this deep bond with life expressed through music. This band is a creative outlet of contemporary art for what cannot always be easily described. To me, the sound is the fire in my life influenced by many genres but also the people I've interacted with. All the things we see, hear, do, Quality Control is a project that takes all elements into consideration. It's this honesty and elevation of higher thinking that comes from qualitative contrasts and commonalties- quality people in your life. With more content on the way, I hope to bring my art outwards and get it heard and seen by as many people as I can. -Cam Steele-