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Myself, and some Bassic thoughts...

Born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta, my time as a young kid all the way up to late teens was usually being taken up by sports. However, I always had an interest in music that never seemed to go away. I was an avid 70’s - 80’s rock fan starting from a young age which started while I was in elementary school. Where most start playing guitar, or piano I started my musical career playing Trombone in my junior high school band. Not until years later when I was in my mid-teens did I even pick up a bass. One of my best friends was a very good guitar player and I decided it would make sense for me to play bass and back him up. I am a strong believer that each instrument attracts people with the personality type that is very well suited to the function of that instrument within the music (Stereotypes exist for a reason... especially for drummers). I personally believe it takes an unselfish, and grounded person to successfully play the role of the bass player. As Ron Carter said, it is his job to make everyone around him sound, and play better. This mindset helps serve the band, and most importantly the music and almost always comes from a position of stability and authenticity. I believe that I was always going to be a bass player, and I can’t imagine playing a different instrument because I strive to put those around me first and aim to make the people around me better which is a concept deeply based in that instrument. Currently, I am in my fourth year of study in a Bachelors of Jazz and Contemporary Music at Macewan University. I am now looking towards a Master’s degree with hopes to become an educator, and performer. Along with schooling, I have been involved in the Edmonton, and Medicine Hat music scene playing with multiple bands across many genres. I always look to bring my unique experiences, and versatility to each band I play with. This is especially true when I play with Quality Control having to draw from a multitude of styles, and putting great emphasis above everything else on listening and responding to the music that is being made in the moment.